The Good News

Christians across the world celebrate the death and resurrection (yes you read that right!) of Jesus Christ. That happened nearly 2000 years ago…why is it still worth celebrating? Here are videos of our 2020 Good Friday and Easter Sunday services , sharing why Jesus’s death and resurrection are the best news in the world.

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If I could ask God…

In this video, Pastor Denesh answers the question, What is a Christian?

Maybe you have other big questions about Christianity? Such as:

  • How do I know God exists?
  • Jesus died, so what?
  • Did Jesus really rise again?
  • Isn’t faith blind?
  • What is grace?

Check out the other videos for answers here.


Dear Singapore

6 May 2020
Dear Singapore,

If there is one good thing that has come out of the dreadful Covid-19 situation, it is the almost daily stories of sacrifice that I read or hear about.

While the rest of us quibble about being stuck in the comfort of our own homes, our healthcare workers have been working extra shifts round the clock. And while at work, those on the frontline of the battle with Covid-19 have been wearing full protective suits and N95 masks which can lead to dehydration, nausea and rashes. And because of the danger of their work, so many have taken it upon themselves to self-isolate from their own families during this time.