Sunday Services @ Aperia

9.00am | 10.30am | 12.00pm | 2.00pm (Mandarin) | 4.00pm | 5.30pm


Tickets are required for services

All services have crèche for parents with children <3 years old

Children’s (3-12 years old) program available at 9.00am, 10.30am and 4.00pm services

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Current Series

Sex and gender:
Choice or design?



Sex is everywhere. Ads sell it. Netflix thrives on it. The internet is filled with it. And everyone’s talking about it.

But how should we think about sex and gender? Is it a matter of choice, chance, or does the creator of sex have something to say on the matter?

Join us as we unpack the Maker’s manual about the most intimate part of our life.

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工作 – 它到底是什么?






Stories of life

Happiness: Can I be happy in a broken world?



Happily ever after. It’s what fairytales tell us what marriage is, and what we want to believe in.

Though newlyweds, Bob and Hwee, knew that life realistically wouldn’t be smooth sailing, they certainly did not expect to struggle through Cancer.

Amidst constant uncertainty, fear and helplessness, how did Bob and Hwee find joy in their lives?

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