Elders & Deacons

Our leaders teach us from God’s word, the Bible, and guide us spiritually to keep on choosing Christ each and every day.

They are not perfect in any way, but they exist as transparent models for us of what the Christian life is meant to look like.

Senior Pastor-Elder

Denesh Divyanathan

In his former life, Denesh used to report on facts of a quarterly or annual financial significance in his capacity as a business journalist for The Straits Times. But he has traded that in to report on facts of an eternal spiritual significance as founding pastor of The Crossing Church.

Denesh read Economics at The London School of Economics (BSc Econs). He trained for theology Down Under at Moore Theological College (BTh) and then pursued a Research Masters at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois (ThM).

He is married to Deborah and they have three children. Denesh is a long-suffering fan of Liverpool Football Club…but he knows that in Christ, he will truly never walk alone!

Denesh is also President of Project Timothy.


Chris Prekop

Chris was brought up attending Sunday School and church but it wasn’t until university that he began to grasp the gospel and its implications for his life. That made him put his plans to be a world famous lawyer (in his dreams) on hold to test whether full-time gospel ministry was right for him. He taught the gospel to students in Cambridge, UK before joining the staff of Crossing as an associate in 2010.

In 2013, he went back to the UK to receive formal training for ministry at Oak Hill Theological before returning to serve at The Crossing in October 2016. Chris has had the joy of being married to Ting since September 2015. He is a notional fan of Manchester United but is, in truth, more interested in the fortunes of his fantasy football team.

Chris is a Pastor-Elder and attends the 1030am Congregation.

Stuart Morgan

Stuart is from the UK. He became a Christian while studying at University College London as he read the bible with a friend and became convinced he was who Jesus said he was (a sinner) and Jesus was who He said He is (Lord and Saviour). He studied history there for almost eight years gaining his PhD in 2008, but after that devoted himself full time to telling other people His story.

Stuart trained for Christian ministry as an Associate at St Helen’s Bishopsgate, London, before moving to Singapore to work for the Crossing Church in 2010. There he met and married Chew-Chern. Then they moved to Sydney, where Stuart studied at Moore Theological College (BTh), before returning to Singapore in 2015.

He enjoys devouring TV series on DVD, running, squash and, very occasionally, watching Arsenal.

Stuart is a Pastor-Elder and attends the 9am Congregation.

Kenneth Lo

Kenneth’s journey to becoming a Christian began with a playful desire to mock Christianity. However, self-reading of the Bible led quickly to attending Christian public lectures and conferences during his university days. His mad love for engineering and his pursuit of a Bachelor in Engineering ended as his world got turned upside-down (rather right-side up!) by the gospel of Jesus.

Kenneth stopped engineering, worked and saved, found a wife who loves Jesus, did ministry apprenticeship and theological studies in Sydney, and headed to Kuala Lumpur in 2011, where he served as a pastor at St Mary’s Anglican Cathedral for 6 years before relocating to Singapore in 2017.

He is husband to Vivian and father to 2 children. Family favorite hangouts include Mandai Zoo, bouldering gyms, West Coast Park, and our living cum board games room!

Kenneth is a Pastor-Elder and attends the 1030am Congregation


Andy Seah

Andy became a Christian at 12 years old after hearing the gospel at a Christmas event. Despite many years of doubts as a Christian during his teenage years, Andy held on to the faith and only seriously investigated the claims of the Bible during his university years. Since then, convinced of the authenticity of the Bible and the gospel, Andy no longer doubts the truth of God’s Word and recognizes the Lordship of Jesus in his life.

An economist by training, Andy works in the government and applied his economics knowledge to fiscal policies in the early part of his working life. He now applies the same economics knowledge to human resources and finance areas for his organization as well as for the church.

Andy is happily married to Ellen, whom he met at work, and they have two young twin sons.

Hsu Li Chuan

After spending much of his life trying to be god of his own life and dismissing Christianity as placebo for the weak, Li Chuan accepted Christ in university when confronted with the truths of God’s word and his need for repentance and forgiveness. He is a firm believer in the rule of law as a practicing lawyer, but also marvels and gives thanks for the amazing grace of God as most aptly displayed through the person of Jesus Christ.

Apart from running the race that God set for him as a Christian, Li Chuan enjoys pounding the streets of Singapore in the wee hours of the morning to make up for his love for food, as well as spacing out in front of the television with Hong Kong or Taiwanese films running in the background.

Li Chuan is married to Hui Ling and blessed with three boys.

Derek Choong

It was at a church youth camp at the age of 14 that Derek decided to follow Jesus as his Lord and Saviour. Needless to say, his journey as a disciple has been filled with ups and downs, but he is always thankful for the Gospel-centred teachings at church that prod him in the right direction.

He is a fan of local food fare, and family outings with his wife Elgina and two daughters include regular pit-stops to favourite makan places – especially those found in the east. (born and bred ‘eastie’!)

A physician by training, Derek is well aware that in the new heaven and earth his skills will be made redundant, as the glorious Christ makes all things new.

Ronald Tan

Ronald’s Taoist family and catholic schooling background led to his earlier utilitarian notion of God as a 3-in-1 deity, not quite the Holy Trinity but that of a Policeman waiting to catch him doing wrong, a Santa Claus who brought him gifts if he behaved well and a Superman to his rescue in his moments of desperation. By the grace of God, Ronald got serious in the Word of God, the Bible, through the encouragement of an Elder in his former church. That started him on his pilgrimage of discipleship in Christ to seek and walk under God’s will rather than his self-will.

Ronald works in senior management in a private institution of learning. He is married to Ai Tee and they are parents to 2 adult children. He and Ai Tee decided to join Michelle at Crossing more than 3 years ago as the word-based expository teaching at Crossing further stirred their hunger for the word.

Lim Zhi Yang

Zhi Yang grew up in a Christian family but it was not until his university years that he was exposed to expository preaching and took God’s word more seriously. Zhi yang is the Chief Operating Officer for The Crossing Church.

He is married to Carmen and they have a daughter and a son. Zhi Yang is a Chelsea supporter who hopes that Chelsea secures top position each season, but has been humbly taught that his hope is only secure in Christ!

Board of Reference

The board consists of four godly men who provide counsel, advice and pastoral accountability to the leadership of The Crossing Church. It has no executive functions.

The board members are:

Rev William Taylor, Rector of St Helen’s Bishopsgate, London, UK

Rev David Jackman, Former President of The Proclamation Trust, UK

Rev Dr Peter O’Brien, Senior Research Fellow at Moore Theological College, Australia

Rev Andrew Reid, Pastor for Discipleship & Training at Cross & Crown, Melbourne