Staff Team

Our leaders teach us from God’s word, the Bible, and guide us spiritually to keep on choosing Christ each and every day.

They are not perfect in any way, but they exist as transparent models for us of what the Christian life is meant to look like.

Senior Pastor-Elder

Denesh Divyanathan

In his former life, Denesh used to report on facts of a quarterly or annual financial significance in his capacity as a business journalist for The Straits Times. But he has traded that in to report on facts of an eternal spiritual significance as founding pastor of The Crossing Church.

Denesh read Economics at The London School of Economics (BSc Econs). He trained for theology Down Under at Moore Theological College (BTh) and then pursued a Research Masters at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois (ThM).

He is married to Deborah and they have three children. Denesh is a long-suffering fan of Liverpool Football Club…but he knows that in Christ, he will truly never walk alone!

Denesh is also President of Project Timothy.


Zhi Yang (Chief Operating Officer)

Zhi Yang grew up in a Christian family but it was not until his university years that he was exposed to expository preaching and took God’s word more seriously. Zhi yang is the Chief Operating Officer for The Crossing Church and works closely with the Elder on the strategy planning, local and overseas partnerships of the church. In addition, he helps to lead the operation team to support the pastors in the various ministries.

He is married to Carmen and they have 3 children. Zhi Yang is a Chelsea supporter who hopes that Chelsea secures top position each season, but has been humbly taught that his hope is only secure in Christ!

Justin Cheong (Operations and Events)

Nicole Moreira (Admin)

Tan Shi Qi (Finance)

Rachel Yen (Media)


9am Congregation

Ho Wei Xiang (Congregational Pastor)

Stuart Morgan (Pastor-Elder)

Stuart is from the UK. He became a Christian while studying at University College London as he read the bible with a friend and became convinced he was who Jesus said he was (a sinner) and Jesus was who He said He is (Lord and Saviour). He studied history there for almost eight years gaining his PhD in 2008, but after that devoted himself full time to telling other people His story.

Stuart trained for Christian ministry as an Associate at St Helen’s Bishopsgate, London, before moving to Singapore to work for the Crossing Church in 2010. There he met and married Chew-Chern. Then they moved to Sydney, where Stuart studied at Moore Theological College (BTh), before returning to Singapore in 2015.

He enjoys devouring TV series on DVD, running, squash and, very occasionally, watching Arsenal.

Stuart is a Pastor-Elder and is involved in training small group leaders and G360 trainees.

Dan Conway (9am Staff)

Dan is from an island south of Singapore called Australia. Once upon a time he was an aspiring musician and songwriter with no Christian background or upbringing. But after a lengthy season of investigating Christianity (prompted by some loving musician friends who were following Jesus) he was converted on a warm Melbourne morning over a plate of bacon and eggs. Things have never been the same.

After serving in youth ministry in Melbourne, Dan relocated to Perth in 2014 to study at Trinity Theological College (BTh) to further prepare to serve Jesus and his church. According to plan, he received his theology degree. To his surprise, however, he also received a Singaporean wife, Pearlyn, with whom he now lives and raises their daughter and son.

Dan loves Singaporean food – especially chicken rice, duck rice, wanton noodle, carrot cake, teh + kaya toast, chaw siew bo lo butter buns (this is the short list) – sports, and reading old books.

Yan Ming (G360 Trainee)

Yan Ming attended church at a young age but wasn’t truly interested in the gospel until a friend started to read the bible with him when he was a teenager. His interest in God’s Word grew which led him to become a Christian after being convicted of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

After working as an accountant for a number of years, he joined The Crossing Church staff team as a G360 trainee in 2021 and serves at the 9am congregation.

He is happily married to Pei Qi and together they have one daughter. In his leisure, he enjoys sports, reading and music.


10:30am Congregation

Chris Prekop (Pastor-Elder, Congregation Pastor)

Chris was brought up attending Sunday School and church but it wasn’t until university that he began to grasp the gospel and its implications for his life. That made him put his plans to be a world famous lawyer (in his dreams) on hold to test whether full-time gospel ministry was right for him. He taught the gospel to students in Cambridge, UK before joining the staff of Crossing as an associate in 2010.

In 2013, he went back to the UK to receive formal training for ministry at Oak Hill Theological before returning to serve at The Crossing in October 2016. Chris has had the joy of being married to Ting since September 2015 and their daughter Abigail was born in Sept 2020. He enjoys playing sport, board games, and watching TV shows with Ting.

Kenneth Lo (Pastor-Elder, Family Pastor)

Kenneth’s journey to becoming a Christian began with a playful desire to mock Christianity. However, self-reading of the Bible led quickly to attending Christian public lectures and conferences during his university days. His mad love for engineering and his pursuit of a Bachelor in Engineering ended as his world got turned upside-down (rather right-side up!) by the gospel of Jesus.

Kenneth stopped engineering, worked and saved, found a wife who loves Jesus, did ministry apprenticeship and theological studies in Sydney, and headed to Kuala Lumpur in 2011, where he served as a pastor at St Mary’s Anglican Cathedral for 6 years before relocating to Singapore in 2017.

He is husband to Vivian and father to 2 children. Family favorite hangouts include Mandai Zoo, bouldering gyms, West Coast Park, and our living cum board games room!

Kenneth serves as the Family Pastor in the Crossing and serves in the 10:30am congregation.

Gabriel Tan (Youth and Children Pastor)

Gabriel (or Gabe for short) grew up going to church thinking that being a Christian was all about being a good moralistic nice guy (or girl). It was only in university when a friend read the Bible with him did he finally understand how the Bible is all about Jesus, and finally get how awesome God’s Gospel of Grace is – that it’s faith in Christ and his work that saves us from God’s righteous judgement, not our personal moral performance. Since discovering God’s glorious Gospel in the Bible, Gabe desires to show how the Bible points to Christ as faithfully, clearly and persuasively as possible, just as it was done for him.

After graduating from university, Gabe worked in a government statutory board and a bank before joining The Crossing’s G360 programme. He then went on to train to be a pastor at Queensland Theological College in Brisbane, Australia.

Gabe is husband to April and father to 2 lovely children. He enjoys watching Netflix with April, chatting with the kids before bedtime, running and cycling, and is confident 2019 is finally Liverpool FC’s year to win the Premier League. (Update: We won in 2020! YNWA!).

Gabe serves as a Family Pastor, focusing on children and youth. He attends the 10:30am congregation with his family.

Sean Yeo (G360 Trainee)

Sean once searched for his significance in many places (sports, music, clothes…and more!) but never felt good enough about himself. Reading the bible one day, he realised his biggest problem wasn’t a lack of self-esteem but a lack of righteousness before the most significant person — God who had created him. Thank God the bible also showed him the one righteous man who had solved his problem — Jesus! Since then, Sean spends less time worrying about his ego, and more time rejoicing in the true life God gives in Jesus.

Sean is married to Jamie and they are parents to one boisterous boy. In his hypothetical spare time (not spent changing diapers or cleaning food stains), Sean enjoys catching up on the NBA season and sometimes even going for a run(!)

Olivia Low (G360 Trainee)

Oli first believed in the presence of a powerful God but only realised later on that this power manifested itself most definitively in God’s Son Jesus Christ, who died and rose again! She used to work as an Occupational Therapist, helping people return to activities that are meaningful to them. Being increasingly convinced that Jesus is whom we all need, Oli joined the G360 programme in July 2021 to devote her time to helping people see that true meaning is found in Jesus alone.

In her free time, Oli loves to cycle and tries to keep her houseplants alive.


12pm Congregation

Tom Ong (Congregational Pastor)

Tom had been a member of the The Crossing Church for about two years before joining the church’s ministry exposure and training program (Gospel 360) in 2013. In 2016 he was sent for formal theological education in Moore Theological College Sydney and has now returned to serve as one of its pastors.

He used to work in the School of the Arts’ Library and describes his old job as ‘shushing and shelving’. Tom now serves as the Congregation Pastor for the 12pm Congregation.


2pm Mandarin Congregation 十字家

Ng Jun Bin (Congregational Pastor)

Jun Bin grew up antagonistic to Christianity and thought that it was no more than a psychological crutch. All that changed during his time in Singapore Management University when he attended a summer Bible study with one aim – to prove Christianity wrong. Being proven wrong that summer is the best thing that happened to him. He realized that Jesus does exist, and the God understood him more than he ever understood himself – a sinner at the core of his being. In the years since, his desire grew for people to experience the good news of Jesus – of Christ and Man United.

Jun Bin is husband to Lydia and father to three children. They enjoy reading, playing board games, and exploring nature together as a family.

After working for four years in the insurance industry in both the private and public sector, Jun Bin trained for full-time paid Christian work through the Gospel 360 Training Scheme for 2 years. He returned to serve at The Crossing Church after completing his studies at Evangelical Theological College of Asia (MDiv). With a passion to promote expository teaching in Mandarin, he currently serves as the congregational pastor of the 2pm Mandarin Congregation.

Liew Binh Soo (Pastor)

Binh Soo is husband to Mabel and father of 2 beautiful girls.

He grew up with an overdose of the fear of God in a traditional Chinese church and discovered the grace of Jesus while studying in the UK. Both he and Mabel are passionate about PRC Chinese coming to Christ through the Gospel and returning to China as ambassadors for Christ. To that end, Binh Soo gave up his third love – tunnel engineering – and trained for ministry at Oak Hill College, hoping to go into mandarin ministry. He graduated and moved back to Singapore in July 2017. He is now one of the pastors in the 2pm Mandarin Congregation.

Binh Soo enjoys watching science fiction, building cardboard furniture for his children, and hopes to find someone to teach him Tai chi!

Marcus Lowe (Associate Pastor)

Marcus started going to church with his family from a young age and thought that being Christian was about doing the right thing. His life goal was to earn lots and lots and lots of money. But, during university in Sydney, he started studying the bible and learnt that being alive is for the sake of King Jesus and the gospel.

Since then, he has worked in Compliance in banks and has seen that many comply with regulations only out of fear. What a contrast this is with the joyful obedience found in Christ Jesus.

Marcus is married to Hsin and they have two children. Together, they are a part of the Mandarin congregation in hope that more mandarin speakers will hear the gospel.

In his free time, Marcus enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, watching lots of sports, watching Netflix, listening to podcasts, having a good burger and coffee.

4pm Congregation

Wallace Chin (Congregational Pastor)

Wally is married to Liz, and they have two wonderful boys, Tristan and Kieran.

Wally previously worked as a Physiotherapist and loved helping people with physical healing. He has since given that up for the immense privilege of helping people with their most pressing need, spiritual healing. Wally joined the Gospel 360 training program in 2015, and subsequently attended the Evangelical Theological College of Asia in 2017 for formal theological training.

Wally and Liz love to watch the intelligent sport of Rugby Union, also known as “the game they play in heaven”. They are ginormous New Zealand All Blacks fans. They also enjoy watching Netflix / movies together, and prior to the kids, fishing together. An Aussie at heart, Wally thoroughly enjoys roasting meat to perfection on a BBQ.

Darius Tng (G360 Trainee)

Darius loves helping others see Christ. An ex-finance professional, he now invests in the lives of others to the glory of God. Darius loves tennis, golf, gaming and his wife, Janice – though not in that order.

Eileen Seto (Women’s Worker)

Eileen spent the most part of her life living in Singapore but had her life truly shaped when she learnt the complete picture of the gospel in her time as an international student with Saint Lucia Evangelical (SLE) Church Brisbane. God was able, in his goodness, to show her the glory of the gospel, in which she finds all joy.

Since then, she’s worked a number of years as a physiotherapist both in Brisbane, Sydney and more recently in Singapore. She also did a two year stint in the ministry apprenticeship program with FOCUS, the international student ministry of Campus Bible Study at the University of New South Wales – where she gained insight to how one place can attract, prepare and send christians out to take their place in God’s mission around the world!

She’s married to Raphael, whom she met at church and together they delight in partnering in ministry and all of life. She enjoys the outdoors, but loves plants and bubble tea in indoor spaces, and hopes to someday make better filter coffee!

5:30pm Congregation

Sam Chan (Congregational Pastor)

Jesus demands of his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.” (Mark 8:34b) Sam didn’t really understood why anyone would follow Jesus this way until he went to university in Australia when he started to see himself as a great sinner and Christ a great saviour.

After a brief stint in the legal industry, Sam joined The Crossing’s Gospel 360 program to see if he has the word gifts to teach the gospel to university students in a full-time paid capacity in 2016.

In 2018, he received formal training for word ministry at the Evangelical Theological College of Asia before returning to the staff of The Crossing in July 2021. On his days off, Sam enjoys playing his Nintendo Switch over a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Sam now serves as the Congregation Pastor for the 5:30pm Congregation.

Jing Yan (G360 Trainee)

Jing Yan had a vaguely Christian childhood (reciting Psalms from memory before a one-armed statuette of Jesus), but only understood the gospel as a teenager when his Christian friends explained that he was a rebel against God and that Jesus died to save him. Even then, he was slow to change his sinful lifestyle – he was far too in love with himself and with the world.

Everything changed in university when he attended a church that placed faithful Bible teaching at the centre of their ministry. He realised then that the one true and living God was dealing with him personally and so he could no longer minimise or ignore the call to live his life in humble obedience to Jesus.

After university, he spent 5 years in the legal profession before deciding to devote his energies full-time to serving God’s people.

Jing Yan is married to Clara, who also serves in full-time Christian ministry. In their free time, they enjoy long walks outdoors and playing board games indoors.

Winnie Tan (G360 Trainee)

Winnie heard of the gospel at a chapel session at St Hilda’s Primary School where her parents enrolled her to ensure that she was taught good morals. She learnt something infinitely better – that she was a sinner and needed rescue from Jesus – king and saviour of her life…. and also king of the jungle, the sea and the universe.

Winnie first experienced expository bible teaching when she was a student in London and part of the LSE Christian Union. She joined the Crossing Church in 2011 and joined G360 as a trainee in 2021, primarily working with our children’s ministry Planet Faith, partnering parents for their kids to know, love and share Jesus.

After spending 16 years with the navy, she hopefully knows a thing or two about being a good solider of Christ Jesus! 😉 In her free time, Winnie enjoys reading, sitting by the sea, eating grilled cheese sandwiches and being silly with her nephews.