Welcome Message


We are very glad that you have visited us in cyberspace and hope you will follow this up with a physical visit soon!

The Crossing is a church that was set up by friends who love Jesus and are keen to see others come to know him. There are many ways we can explain this but perhaps unpacking the meaning of our church name would be a good way to start.

So why are we “The Crossing” church?

Well, in the journey of life, many crossings confront us – what to study, where to live, who to marry, what job to get etc. All important choices, yet they become trifling when put beside The Biggest Choice of all – to choose Christ or not?

Here at The Crossing Church, we know that choosing Christ means choosing life – not just eternal life but choosing to live life right now as God intended for us to live. Jesus himself said as much: “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly” (John 10:10).

As a result, we have a thirst to see many come to choose Christ unwaveringly throughout life. Our hope is therefore to be a community where people will see the goodness of choosing Christ and so choosing life in this most important crossing of all.

To that end, everything we do at The Crossing is centered on and saturated with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible:

If you are curious about Christianity, our aim is to introduce you to the good news of Jesus Christ (what Christians call the “gospel”) through our sermons, Just Looking (an informal course to introduce you to the claims of Jesus by examining a biography of his life and teaching), The Reading Room (a relaxed monthly book club), special events etc.

If you are a Christian, we hope to keep growing you in your relationship with Jesus by teaching you the Bible through our sermons, Community Groups, resources etc.

Families and children are important to us too because you are important to God! And so we have a specialised group catering to children and youth (Planet Faith), and we also run from time to time Bible training courses for men, women, parents etc.

For those who have journeyed with us for some time, we invite you to join our membership class called Partnership which gives you a chance to examine and learn our core beliefs and what being a committed part of our spiritual family involve.

There’s lots more we could say but let’s leave it here for the moment. Do explore this website for more information or drop us an email if you have any questions. Best of all, join us for our corporate meeting on Sunday to see for yourself what we are like.

Thanks again for visiting us! We hope to see you in person soon!

For His Glory,

The Crossing Church