Jesus Unmasked

John Green said, “Sometimes, the way you think about a person isn’t the way they actually are.” That's often true of Jesus. Nearly all of us have an idea of who Jesus is in our minds, but is it accurate? Jesus Unmasked was a series of Bible talks and webinars to reveal Jesus as he really is. It also explored the implications of his identity for us today. Even though the week of events has concluded, we'd love for you to keep unmasking Jesus for yourselves.

You can do so by watching the videos below and leaving us your questions or comments via the Connect Form. Come discover how others with questions about life, mortality, and meaning have found their answers in Jesus. Read and watch their stories here.

Jesus: Really God or Merely Man?

What's your reaction to the following statements? Jesus was a good man; Jesus was a wise teacher; Jesus was God in the flesh. It sounds crazy but the Bible claims that God became a human 2000 years ago and walked among us. Could it really be true?

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Jesus: Intolerant or Inclusive?

“I'm English speaking; I’m middle class; I’ve never broken the law.” Do you get the impression that Jesus only welcomes such people? That he only wants squeaky clean followers? Why not let the real Jesus surprise you…

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Jesus: Legend or Legit?

Hercules, Harry Potter, King Arthur, Robin Hood: what do they have in common? They're fictional! At best their real identies are obscured by myths & legends. But what about Jesus? Could everything written about him in the Bible really be true?

Jesus on the Meaning of Life

2020 has made many of us question the meaning of life or our own life goals. What should we live for and why? Jesus claims to have the clear & wonderful answer for a world that is confused & lost. Why not hear what he has to say?

Jesus: Dead or Alive?

The final chapter of nearly every biography explains how the person died. But Jesus' biography has an extra chapter – where he rises from the dead! Christianity stands or fall on whether this is fact…we'd love to persuade you that Jesus is alive.

Jesus on Suffering

The issue of suffering is front page news in our world today but it's also one of the oldest questions in the book: how could a good God allow suffering? Jesus offers an explanation but better yet, he offers hope to a world that is in pain.

Jesus on Heaven or Hell

What do you think will happen to you when you die? It might be an uncomfortable question to ask yourself, and there are so many different answers to explore. Jesus says we can stop guessing if we listen to his teaching on heaven and hell…

Read and watch more about how knowing Jesus has impacted the lives of real people!