Proclaim 2019

There’s so much information in the world today.
Yet, many of life’s biggest questions seem to go unanswered.
Why are we here? Why is the world the way it is, and not the way we wish it was? Why believe God makes a difference?
Join us as we explore the answers Jesus provides.


Sunday Talks

Why Do I Exist?

18 Aug 2019 (Sun), 9am, 11:30am, & 4:30pm @ The Aperia

Many today believe that the world is without an overarching purpose. Maybe the world is just a brute fact and the only meaning available to us is the meaning we make for ourselves. But the Christian faith teaches something very different. Every one of us was made with a purpose, for a reason, with a goal in mind. Jesus promises life to the full and life that never ends to those who find their true purpose in relation to him. Come explore the possibility of life on purpose, as God designed.
No need to sign up, just come along!


Why Is There Suffering If God Is Good?

25 Aug 2019 (Sun), 9am, 11:30am, & 4:30pm @ The Aperia

Isn’t it contradictory to think of a good God and our world which is full of suffering and pain? It’s a hard question but we believe God has answers. Above all, he did something about it when Jesus stepped into the world to share our suffering. Join us as we explore how God offers real and lasting hope in the face of suffering.
No need to sign up, just come along!


Kids Talks

Why Trust the Bible?

18 Aug 2019 (Sun), 9am, 11:30am, & 4:30pm @ The Aperia

The Bible is full of amazing and fantastic stories! Epic floods, epic battles, miracles of nature and the biggest claim of all, that a man named Jesus beat death and rose again. Why do so many people trust The Bible? Is it a bunch of fairy tales? Why does it matter if the Bible is true? Come bring your kids for an age appropriate programme exploring the question “Why trust the Bible?”
No need to sign up, just come along!


Why Trust Jesus?

25 Aug 2019 (Sun), 9am, 11:30am, & 4:30pm @ The Aperia

Millions of people around the world trust in the man Jesus, and believe that He is God become man. But how do we know Jesus is real and not another Santa Claus? So what if Jesus is real? What does it matter to us and why should we trust him? Come bring your kids for an age appropriate programme exploring the question “Why trust Jesus?”
No need to sign up, just come along!



All events @ Union Building, 171 Tras Street, #02-179.
5 mins from Tanjong Pagar MRT (Exit A).
Dinner & drinks from 7:15pm, talks 7:45pm

Film – Jesus: Fact or Fiction?

16, 17 Aug (Fri, Sat) 7 – 9:30pm

What kind of event is the resurrection of Jesus? On one side people claim that we can no more believe in the resurrection of Jesus than we can believe in fairies at the bottom of our garden, or Zeus, or the flying spaghetti monster. Yet, on the other side, intelligent, well informed people throughout the centuries have come to believe that the resurrection is a historical fact, and that the evidence is strong. One of those people is Lee Strobel, an atheist-journalist, who set out to disprove the resurrection but with an unexpected outcome. Join us to watch the true story – The Case for Christ – of his investigation into the claims of Christianity.



#FakeNews? Why Trust The Bible?

20 Aug (Tue) 7:15 – 9pm

The four Gospels- Matthew, Mark, Luke and John- give us four accounts of Jesus’ life, teaching, and miracles. But isn’t it just myth and embellishment? Hasn’t the text of the bible been corrupted? Should we accept the gospels as historically accurate? What evidence is there that the recorded events actually happened? Come explore the evidence for the historical reliability of the gospels with a trained historian.



Why Believe In God When We’ve Got Science?

21 Aug (Wed) 7:15 – 9pm

Science seems to answer all of life’s big questions. Christians often seem to hold believe out-dated beliefs that contradict science. Surely it’s only a matter of time before we can abandon childish ideas about God to explain our world… or is it? Join us as explore how the relationship between science and faith in Christ.



Why Is Work Ultimately Unfulfilling?

22 Aug (Thu), 7:15pm talk

Whether it’s a 9-5 job or a career in the fast lane, do you ever wonder if there’s more to life than work? Hear testimonies from city workers and a Bible talk.



Why Does God Seem Anti-Gay?

23 Aug (Fri) 7:15 – 9pm

“Love is love! My bedroom, my business.” Why should we care what God says about our sex lives? Unless it’s actually good news… The Bible makes some big claims about sex and sexuality. And it claims that God’s ideas about sex are good. Christians, however, have not always communicated these things with love and clarity. Join us to consider these things whatever
your current views may be.



Seniors Event: Why Is Being Good Not Good Enough For God?

12 Aug (Mon) 4pm tea-time served; 4:30pm Talk, Q&A; 5:30pm finish

A relaxed tea-time talk followed by a walk together on a public holiday!
This event is specially designed for Seniors – those aged 50 and above!



More Events

All other events below will be held in different locations.

Women’s Event: Why is happiness so elusive?

13 Aug (Tue) 9:45am- 12pm @ Union Building, 171 Tras Street, #02-17

Come & enjoy some happy hours eating & hear the Bible’s answer to that question. We’ll also learn the art of flower arranging! (Brunch & craft materials provided)



By Design: Why on Earth Are We Here?

14 Aug (Wed) 8pm @ 20 Cross Street #03-01 (S)048422

We readily accept that if something is designed it has a purpose. Does this extend beyond iPhones automobiles to even more complex entities such as the earth, our solar system or even human beings? Answering this question and more, Colin Seah, Architect & Founder of multi-disciplinary design studio Ministry of Design, draws parallels between the purposefulness of the built environment and its designers, with the universe, human beings, and the possibility of their unseen designer.



Ultimate Frisbee Day Out

17 Aug (Sat) 4 – 6pm @ Newton MRT, field between exits A & C

Join us for some outdoor fun for the whole family! This will be a friendly HAT tournament for any skill level. World-class player or a complete beginner, we’d love to have you there! There’ll be activities planned just for kids too, so feel free to bring them along. Short Bible talk in between for adults and kids. See you there!



Calisthenics Session: Eternal gains

17 Aug (Sat) 4 – 7:30pm @ 17 Lorong Kilat, #01-11

Don’t use machines, be one! Enjoy a FREE workout with a professional trainer and explore the benefits of using your own body weight to stay fit and healthy. Plenty of helpful exercise tips to learn, as well as the secret to eternal gains, with the trainers personal story.