Staying safe at The Crossing Church!


What a privilege it is that we can return to Aperia to hear God’s word proclaimed as his physically gathered people! 

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New information on Trace Together has been added here.

Trace Together-only Safe Entry

  1. As Singapore moves towards TraceTogether-only Safe Entry (TTSE) check-ins for all venues, The Crossing Church has implemented TTSE as we move towards holding worship services in larger numbers.
  2. TTSE will be required in order to attend any worship service and the following check-in modes will not be available anymore – scanning of QR code using SingPass Mobile App/QR code reader app, and scanning of barcode on NRIC.
  3. Please ensure that you and your guests have downloaded and activated the Trace Together (TT) app or collected your TT token before arriving for service. For information on how to download the TT app, go to For more information on TT, go to
  4. At the start of the enforcement phase, anyone without the TT app or token will be allowed temporary entry via the scanning of IDs, but will be required to install the TT app or collect the token for future check-ins. Please note that you may be denied entry if you still do not have the TT app or TT token for future check-ins.

Thank you for doing your part in keeping our church family safe! 🙂

What to do & expect at Aperia

Tutorial for group check-in with SingPass


Entry & Exit Routes & Room Layouts

9AM & 10.30AM Planet Faith @ Huddle House

4PM Planet Faith @ Rose / Iris Rooms

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I just stay home and watch the livestream?

Our bodies are important. The Bible really values this physical world including our bodies. Our physical bodies are valued just as much as the spiritual realm. We see this in creation when God lovingly formed Adam from the dust of the ground (Genesis 2), in salvation when Jesus took on flesh to rescue us, and after his resurrection where he still has a body even now in heaven. We also see this in our future home in the new creation where we will run, leap and feast with our glorious, new resurrection bodies. 

The definition of “church”. Since the reformation, Bible-believing Christians have agreed that certain criteria must be met before you have a church. The New Testament prioritises the preaching of God’s word, the sacraments (baptism and the Lord’s Supper) and recognised church leaders who exercise pastoral care and church discipline. Neither a one-to-one Bible study nor our Community Groups meet all the criteria. At The Crossing Church, all the criteria are met when we gather in our congregations. Though viewing services online have been right and necessary for a good part of 2020 because of COVID-19, it hasn’t been “church”. Although we won’t be able to meet as a whole congregation or gather for coffee time, we still want to take this small step that we think is in line with what the New Testament teaches. 

We want to hear God’s word proclaimed. Preaching is the living God addressing His physically gathered people. The Biblical pattern for that is established at Mount Sinai. In Deuteronomy, Moses looks back at the events on Mount Sinai and describes them as “the day of the assembly”. The word “assembly” is the Hebrew word “qahal”, and Moses makes clear that the main reason for the assembly was to hear God's word proclaimed through Moses. The Greek version of the Old Testament translates the word “qahal” as the word “ekklesia”, which is the word that the New Testament uses for “church”. 

The New Testament authors are saying that what we do when we gather as “church” is following the pattern established at Mount Sinai. We are gathering to hear the living God speak to us. We cannot separate the proclamation of God's word from the physical act of gathering. A recorded sermon can be helpful, but it is an imperfect substitute. When we gather, we can laugh together at the bad jokes, we can weep together at the sad stories, and we can be fortified together when God's word challenges and encourages us. It's not the same to listen to a sermon when we are apart. We often say in our services when we reach the sermon that we've reached the high point of our gathering. It's that conviction, above all, that means we want to come back to Aperia.

Why are there 5 congregations instead of 3?

It is more future-proof which means less changes for us in the next few years: Despite COVID-19, we have grown as a church and right now, we already need 4 English Sunday Congregations. But we feel that moving to 5 Congregations will actually serve us better as a church for a few reasons. Firstly, having 5 Congregations means that we will not have to make another change for the next 2-3 years which will give us greater stability as a church and reduce change fatigue. Secondly, meeting as 5 Congregations with a 100 people restriction when we have over 1,000 members means that each person can return to Aperia physically every other week, which would yield a tremendous gain relationally and spiritually. 

It serves our aim of spiritual growth, not numerical growth: We feel that having smaller congregations during COVID-19 will allow relationships to deepen, it will facilitate more discipleship and training opportunities, and it will enable our staff to better serve you, equip you, and pastorally care for you. In addition to meeting together for services at Aperia, there will also be lots of opportunity for speaking the truth in love to one another before and after service at the many eateries in Aperia as you meet in groups of 5. Our prayer is that all this will allow us to strengthen our core as a church as we grow spiritually together during this time.

Why do guests need to book a ticket to attend church?

We are required to adhere to COVID-19 safe management guidelines specified by MCCY to all religious organisations. As such, every guest must register and book a ticket in order to attend the service in-person. Please understand that we may have to turn you away if you are not registered and if we do not have enough capacity. 

What are the requirements to attend church? 

Most importantly, you have to be well (no fever or flu-like symptoms). You must also not currently be under a Quarantine Order or Stay-Home Notice, and must not have had any close contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case in the past 14 days.

Next, you must have booked a ticket. Upon arrival, you must have had your temperature taken and have checked in via SafeEntry to the correct room that you will be seated in (Peony or Edelweiss). 

Is there a waiting list for people who want to attend but could not get tickets?

Whilst we get used to meeting again physically, we are keeping logistics to a minimum and do not have a waiting list at this point in time. We may have one in the future and will update this page accordingly.

Can I bring guests?

Of course! 🙂 Please note that you are allowed to book tickets in groups of a maximum of 8. If you are part of a CG and have been rostered to attend church that Sunday, please book a ticket for all guests who will be attending the service in-person with you via EventBrite, any time from Monday to Saturday 2359. 

If you are not part of a CG, please register a slot on our website and book a ticket on EventBrite for all guests who will be attending the service in-person. 

Can I bring non-Christian guests?

Seats will first be reserved for the CGs that have been rostered to attend that Sunday’s service in person, as well as any non-Christian guests that they have invited. All remaining seats will then be released to the rest of the church family (who are not rostered that week) as well as the general public.

What should I do if I booked a ticket but cannot make it at the last minute?

Please cancel the ticket via EventBrite so that others may have the chance to take your place. Thank you!

Can we sing during service?

Singing is not permitted during the service. MCCY considers singing to be a higher risk activity as it could potentially release a larger amount of droplets. Instead, you can consider humming along to the song videos that will be played during the service, or quietly meditating on the words of the song.

Who are we allowed to talk to/interact with when we meet for service?

When queuing to have your temperature taken, or to enter/exit the main hall, please keep a 1 metre safe distance from each other. When seated in the main hall, you may talk to and interact with the rest of the people in the cluster of 5 that you are seated with. Please keep a 1 metre safe distance from other clusters of 5.

What will service be like? Are there bathroom breaks? Sermon discussions?

Services will last a maximum of 60 minutes because of government restrictions. There will be no breaks in order to keep the service short. 

As the restrooms outside the main hall will be exclusively reserved for Planet Faith and parents, we ask that you kindly refrain from using those restrooms and instead relieve yourself before or after the service at the restrooms at Aperia’s retail wing. 

In order to keep the service short, there will be no designated sermon discussion time in the main hall. Instead, please feel free to discuss the sermon over a meal with members of our church family. 

If I don’t belong to a CG or any congregation, which congregation should I attend?

As we get used to meeting again physically, we will need time to figure out the logistics. As such, there is a good chance that you may only have the option to attend the 5.30pm service due to space constraints at this point. Although you may not be able to visit your service of choice within the first 4 weeks of restarting physical services or so, we will do our best to help you visit your preferred service timing as soon as we can!

What if I have young children, can I bring them to church?

Yes! Babies (0-2yo) need a ticket too. Planet Faith kids (3yo and up) do not need a ticket as they will check-in via Breeze.