Hear from a range of people about their joyful experience of getting to know Jesus for themselves.

Happily ever after. It's what fairytales tell us, and what we want to believe in. That life after marriage is pure bliss.

Though newlyweds, Bob and Hwee, knew that life realistically wouldn't be smooth sailing, they certainly did not expect to struggle through Cancer.

Amidst constant uncertainty, fear and helplessness, how did Bob and Hwee find joy in their lives?

Listen to them in this interview to find out their secret to happiness.

Michael, a relationship manager in a private bank, has lived it all.
With financial security and a loving family, there's plenty to make him happy in this life.

Yet Michael wasn't satisfied until he found the very thing that made him truly, deeply happy.

Gus once strived to have all the freedom in the world to do his own thing.
To him, the liberation of expectations from others = bliss!

Siyi thought that the admiration and respect of her community would feed her the attention she needed .
To her, living up to expectations from others = joy!

Yet they weren't satisfied until they found the very thing that made them truly, deeply happy.

What might you say to someone who asks “What is your purpose in life?”

Colin & Joy both wondered about the meaning of life and their discovery led them to find it in Jesus.

Like many of us, Michelle had deep questions about her identity.

In her interview, she shares about how Jesus' inclusivity and love is radically different from what society tells us.

How does believing in Jesus offer hope in the face of suffering and loss?

Seng Siong and Grace share their experience of Jesus' comfort
throughout the process of losing their youngest son Elliot to cancer. 

Read Elliot's last words here.

Before meeting Jesus, Ruoting thought that life was all about achieving.

Hear how that has changed after she encountered Jesus.

David recounts the impact of Jesus on his life,
turning him away from building his own kingdom towards the kingdom of God.

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Meet Joon Jae, a South Korean doctor who's currently working as a urologist in Singapore. He wanted solid answers to life's big questions and found them in Jesus. 

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Meet Delwyn, a civil servant. He was very wary about Christianity and questioned many things but many of his doubts were allayed when he discovered Jesus for himself.

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Meet Vincent, who was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease at the age of 52. He found peace and assurance in his suffering in Jesus and the good news He brings.

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