Sundays @ The Crossing

Every Sunday we gather together to hear God speak through the Bible, talk to him in prayer, sing his praises and help one another to follow Jesus.

At the Crossing, we have 5 English congregations and 1 Mandarin congregation. 

We would love to help you find one that is right for you. If you are unsure which congregation to attend, do get in touch with us via our connect form.

To find service sheets/slides, please head to Regulars -> Resources

9am Congregation

Our 9:00am congregation draws people at every stage of life. We want everyone to feel really welcome here: young and old, followers of Jesus and those exploring faith, those with families and those without. 

Tea & Coffee

after service at 10am

Crèche: 0-2 years old

Kids’ Programme: 3-12 years

10:30am Congregation

Our 10:30am congregation is friendly and diverse, made up of families, teenagers, workers and seniors, with various backgrounds and life experiences. Wherever you’re at or whoever you are, please do come along.

Tea & Coffee starts at 10:30am

Crèche: 0-2 years old

Kids’ Programme: 3-12 years

12pm Congregation

12pm is a vibrant and fun congregation mostly made up of students and young workers, although we also have some regulars who are young at heart! We enjoy meeting together to praise Jesus in song, learn about him from the Bible, and speak the truth of God’s word to one another.

Every week, we are also very privileged to welcome lots of guests who are exploring the Christian faith. We would love to journey with you if you have questions about Jesus!

Most of us stay on for lunch together at Aperia after service to do life and to discuss what we’ve heard from the Bible.

Tea & Coffee starts at 11:30am

Crèche: 0-2 years old

2pm (Mandarin)

Our 2pm gathering is made up of Mandarin speakers of various nationalities, ages and walks of life. In partnership with the English gatherings, we desire all Mandarin speakers living in Singapore to come to know Jesus, live for Him, and enjoy Him forever through faithful expository preaching and authentic community life. 

We welcome all Mandarin speakers to join us on Sunday afternoons, to know Jesus for themselves or to grow in their faith. 

To know more about the 2pm Mandarin gathering, visit our page here.

Tea & Coffee after service at 3pm

Crèche: 0-2 years old

Kids’ Programme: 3-12 years

4pm Congregation

4PM congregation is the ‘OG’ congregation of The Crossing Church, which started in 2009. As the ‘oldest’ congregation, we are made up of a diverse group of people; we have young families with young children, working adults, seniors, as well as students. Despite our congregation ‘age’, we are a congregation that is energetic and young at heart, with seniors and young people mixing well and loving doing life together, learning from the Bible together, and speaking God’s truth to one another in love.

A sizable proportion of us stay on for dinner together at Aperia after service to do life and to discuss what we’ve heard from the Bible.

Tea & Coffee starts at 3:30pm

Crèche: 0-2 years old

Kids’ Programme: 3-12 years

5:30pm Congregation

5:30pm is a vibrant and dynamic congregation who loves fun & loves Jesus even more! We look forward each week to hear Jesus speak to us in the Bible & to respond in song, in conversations & in our care for one another.

We enjoy meeting guests from all sorts of backgrounds, especially if you are curious about Jesus. Most of us stay behind after the service & we often have dinner together at Aperia. And you are invited!

We have a couple of young families whom we love! If you have children aged 0-2, you’re welcome to sit with us in the main service, with crèche facilities available.

Crèche: 0-2 years old