Little One Anothering

Joy. Fear. Inadequacy. Love. Anxiety. Insight. Uncertainty. Fun. Sadness. Pride. Fatigue. Gratitude. Envy. Satisfaction.

Parenting brings us through all these really complex emotions. We want to come alongside one another and our kids at the Crossing with these encouragements and short articles as we do a little one-anothering. 🙂 

Why “little one anothering”?

Just as we come alongside one another and walk together, we come alongside our little ones and walk at the pace of their strides. But the thing about walking is that we don’t want to be aimlessly walking. So here’s one big thing we want to talk about today. Where are we walking to? Let’s work on this together.

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Everyone’s on board!

I thought it would be timely to write some of my reflections as we try to start a new series of short contributions that we hope will be helpful to everyone at church as we think about faithfully discipling kids together.

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