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Sundays (9am, 1030am, 4pm)

hello! We can’t wait to see you at Planet Faith!

Everyone needs the good news of Jesus!

Here at Planet Faith, we want to partner parents to help our kids know, love and enjoy Jesus forever.

We do this by teaching the bible, growing relationships for discipleship and having lots of fun! 

Planet Faith for children 3-12 years old at 9am, 1030am and 4pm congregations (English) and 2pm (Mandarin). Children under three can stay in crèche that is adjacent to the main hall. 

Kids start with the rest of their church family in the main meeting. They are invited to come to the front for a kids’ song, before proceeding to one of four Planet Faith programmes for the remainder of the service. On the first Sunday of the month, there is a kids teaching slot called Kids Spot meant for everyone at church to learn one big thing about Following Jesus together! 

Planet Faith is held at the church office which is a short walk from the main gathering space. Preschool children must be accompanied to drop-off by a parent or guardian. All children must be picked up from the church office after service. Approach our friendly welcomers in red shirts if you need directions or more information! 

I’m a new parent visiting the Crossing. What should I expect?

Welcome! We would love to know you better. Your child will need to be registered prior to joining us at Planet Faith. When you arrive on Sunday, please proceed to the Welcome Booth so someone can sit with your family and guide you to check-in your kids for Planet Faith. We welcome parents to take a look at the Planet Faith venue and spaces, but request you not to sit in for the programme.

In the English congregations, we have four age groups- Moon Crawlers (3-4 years), Moon Walkers (5-6 years), Blast off Juniors (7-9 years) and Blast off Seniors (10-12 years). At 2pm, we have two classes taught in Mandarin, 小馒头(3-6 years) and 大馒头 ( 7-12 years). 

Planet Faith typically includes games, songs, bible teaching and some age-appropriate discussion activities in small groups. Your child can bring a bible (we use NIrV/ ESV in Planet Faith) but we also have some on-site!

Can’t wait to see you! 🙂 

I attend Planet Faith! Can I invite my friends to join me? 

Of course! Everyone needs to hear the gospel! Tell your leaders who your friends are and be welcoming by sitting with them and introducing them to your friends! Your friends are welcome at Planet Faith every Sunday! 

We run special events for kids three times a year, at Easter, in August and Christmas! 

Join us this time round for Sherlock Sunday!

Partnering with parents!

Parents are the main disciplers of children and it’s a 24/7 responsibility, but we all need the community of the local church to grow together.

Our Mooncrawlers repeat a yearly curriculum derived from “A Sure Foundation” that helps them know God and love Jesus more!!

Moonwalkers and Blast Offs are in year 2 of 4 of learning how the bible is one big story about Jesus, adapted from “The Gospel Project”. This year we will be mostly in prophets and psalms. 

Know what’s going on at Planet Faith in your child’s class by asking their teachers to add you into their class’ Whatsapp Parents Chat. 

In June and December holidays, our community groups take turns to care for our kids while our PF teachers take a break!

A series of short articles that help us walk with kids together as a church!

Check them out here!

New Parents Orientation Package

We want to partner you in your journey as parents. Here are some helpful ways to know what’s happening at Planet Faith and also for thinking about discipleship at home.

Recommended Books for Parents and Kids

Want to find a specific book for a specific topic? Tired of having to vet every book you buy for whether they are gospel-centered? Here are some helpful books for parents and kids that we have collectively curated. You can join our virtual community library and start borrowing!

Spotify Playlist

Songs are a super helpful way to learn gospel truths in a fun way. Here are some of the songs we sing at Kids Spot and use at Planet Faith. Play it at home, at the playground, at the beach, or on the move. Guaranteed to get kids and parents dancing…

On a fortnightly basis, a Tuesday morning women’s bible study group takes place. The group is open to all women of The Crossing and primarily serves women with children (with crèche provided).

The group meetings alternate between a bible study where our ladies feed on God’s word together, and a Kids’ Playgroup with songs and craft for little ones as mums connect and talk about life, kids, Jesus or anything under the sun!

Please email if you would like to know more!

Join us at Planet Faith!

Our vibrant ministry comprises over a hundred leaders, helpers, #kidspotcrew and admin support aged 13 to 70.

We are always looking to equip more people to love and lead our kids at church as their older brothers and sisters in Christ.  

Find out more about opportunities and express interest here.

All of our Planet Faith leaders undergo Child Safety screening and training before interacting with kids. 

hello from us! We love to know you better!

Hello! We are Gabe (right) and Jono (left) and we lead the Kids Ministry at the Crossing Church.

Say hello next time you see us at church.

We love to come alongside families so that we all look to Jesus every day in every circumstance.  

If you have any feedback or questions, or your kids want to #AskUsAnything, hit us up at