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Who We Are

Citylife is a ministry run by the Crossing that aims to partner with Christian workers to reach workers with the gospel

Workers across Singapore need to hear the life saving news of Jesus.

Citylife exist to partner with Christian workers to reach their colleagues with the gospel. Whether in our lunchtime gatherings, small groups or meeting individuals, we believe people are saved as they hear and believe. 

Upcoming events: Citylife Lunchtime Talks

We live in peaceful modern Singapore. We have all the comforts of life and there is no real need for God. Is God still relevant? Is God even real? If he is, what difference does he make?

Join us as we confront this big question with a former investment manager who found God to be not only relevant, but made sense of the things that matte

Lunch will be provided

22 Aug, 1230-130pm, 62 Cecil Street, TPI building, #06-00

23 Aug, 1230-130pm, JustCo @ International Plaza, #05-01

24 Aug, 1230-130pm, JustCo @ Metropolis, Level 2

What do we run

Citylife Monthly Lunchtime Gatherings

Every month, we gather with like-minded Christian workers to hear from God’s word, pray for our workplaces and for one another

First Wednesday of the month: 12.30–1.30pm

Buona Vista 

Raffles Place

Tanjong Pagar 

Citylife Just Looking Training

Be equipped to read John’s gospel with your friends and colleagues


TJ Pagar | Raffles Place | Buona Vista | One North | Kent Ridge

Wednesday / Thursday: 8.00am to 845am 

Citylife Builder Groups

Small groups that meet over breakfast or lunch to pray, encourage, and partner one another in evangelism

TJ Pagar | Raffles Place | Buona Vista | One North | Kent Ridge


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